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Upgrade sat nav etc

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Hi, looking for advice, thinking of upgrading sat nav to something like the attached, any advice greatly received
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They are all the same. XTRONS, SEICANE, etc.... Where they differ is the quality of the CANBUS adapter that is pre-packaged with the radios. Some of them (XTRONS for example) use a high-end CANBUS decoder. While others use a "bare minimum" CANBUS decoder that doesn't show all the options applicable to your vehicle. I know this from first hand experience by trying to get away with buying a "no name" Chinese H/U. I had no ability to enter in the brake service mode, my parking brake would engage every time I put the vehicle in park - with no way to disable it, etc..etc..etc.. After many many emails back and forth with the company, they made me purchase (instead of just giving me) a high end CANBUS decoder, which solved most of my issues. The only issue I have left is I no longer have a compass display on the dash. It just now shows "--" instead of N/S/W/E.
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