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Upgrading screen

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Hi guys, just wanted to know if anybody had recommendations on or if they have upgraded there original radio touch se creen with something new. If so what system did you use? did the back up camera still work?
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I upgraded to the BOSS BE7ACP receiver and have been very pleased with the upgrade. My purchase from Crutchfield included the receiver, Ready Harness, an antenna adapter, CRUX wiring interface (to retain steering wheel buttons), and a Metra dash kit to complete the installation. The factory backup camera was retained and still works perfectly. I lost the following capabilities (which were okay with me):
  • Compass display on the dashboard
  • Factory USB
  • Factory XM Satellite radio

BOSS BE7ACP: Ready Harness: CRUX SWRCR-59D Wiring Interface: Crux SWRCR-59D Wiring Interface
Antenna Adapter: Antenna Adapter
Metra 95-6532B Dash Kit:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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