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US Renegade diesel swap

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First off sorry about the title I know that it's kinda clickbait, but I wanna see if anyone knows anything about this being a possibility or if it has been done already. If it hasn't been done already I'd be very surprised. Maybe there's not enough interest in this platform?

So, the US 9 speed auto appears to be the same as the EU 9 speed that the diesel gets. The diesel engine seems to be very close if not the same as the US Chevrolet Cruze. Does anybody know if there is there any reason why this couldn't be swapped over? I'm sure it's not as straight forward as it seems, but it really sounds doable. That extra torque seems like it would make a huge difference off-road and on road with bigger tire/wheel set up. It would also pay for itself in gas eventually or at least I would like to think so.

I found a rear ended Chevrolet Cruze deisel for under $6k so the parts don't seem to be expensive.
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A lot of things are doable. How big a headache do you want?
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