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I was looking through a bunch of threads about seat covers before going out and buying some myself. I ended up going with an option that I had not seen on any thread. Walmart sells sideless pleather covers with the jeep logo in the center embroidered in white. They are sideless so no need to worry about the side airbag.

Installation was pretty easy, the hardest part was learning that the headrests actually do come off by depressing the small button on the opposite side of the big button. It's pretty comfortable, doesn't slide when I get in or out. Not having sides doesn't look too great but since original seats are black then it blends in for the most part. I actually like the way that it looks from the outside since the Jeep logo is pretty visible.

They don't have a cover for the rear seats but I don't really need one for my purposes.

Link -

Picture -
Still have some wrinkles in there from the packaging, should be gone after sitting in the sun for a while
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