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I purchased a Renegade Trailhawk last month and within the first 10 days of ownership, I was unpleasantly surprised by the following warning indicators.

-Service Tire Pressure System
-Service Audio System
-Remote Start Disabled
-Please Enter Anti-Theft Code
-Key fob not detected

On top of that, I quickly discovered that the usable range of the key fob is disgraceful. On my previous car ('05 Grand Cherokee), I can easily say that I had a range of 40 or so feet in which I could lock and unlock the car. On the Renegade, I needed to be within 10 feet (sometimes 5 feet) in order to lock or unlock the car or use the remote start.

When the dealership addressed these issues, I was told that the codes (all 19 of them) had been cleared from the system, but they would need both key fobs in their possession to address that issue. Additionally, they "added a few pounds" to the tires, which supposedly cleared that issue.

A few hours after I picked up the vehicle, the indicator for the audio system returned. The following day, I found repeated indicators for the tire pressure system. I notified the dealer, made another appointment and am now awaiting their assessment of this. More to follow after my appointment next week.
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