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Warning Lights

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Hi, new here so unsure how to use the site or search to see if this has been asked before but here goes..

I bought a used 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk from a dealership with about 72k miles on it. Checked the CarFax and everything seemed clean on it, dealership is widely known in my county, etc.. The day I got it, they told me that the daytime running light indicator was on and that they would fix it if i brought the car tomorrow (they were about to close...another story for another day.) I said sure, brought the car home, that was that.
Next day, as I was driving it to them, almost all the warning lights came on the dashboard - seatbelt, daytime running lights, parking lights, service airbag, service parking brake, etc. I took a video, and when I got it to the dealer they said they'll do what they can.
2 days later they had brought it to an actual Jeep dealership who, as the dealership I bought it from explained, "could not replicate the issue" but "updated the computer anyway." Supposedly, as my dealership (we'll call them LK) was driving it back to their center, the daytime runnibg light error came on. After another day of messing with it, LK claims they "honest to God don't understand what's wrong." and that all of my lights work perfectly.
It has been about 2 weeks since this happened, and occasionally the daytime running light error message will come on but just tonight the same issue happened before - all the indicator lights turned on.
I did some research and found that the 2017 Renegades have a recall for this identical issue, yet nothing on the 2016.
Any advice or did anyone have this same problem and resolve it? I really really like the car but I'm not sure if I have a lemon here or not...
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