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Washer fluid pump leaking

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Noticed a small puddle of clear liquid under the front, driver's side bumper on my garage floor; the first morning after we brought it home. I figured it was just residual water draining from somewhere after they washed it. However, this morning there was still drippings. Smelled the clear liquid and it was reminiscent of rubbing alcohol or vodka, so I went searching for an answer. Opened the washer fluid reservoir, and found the same smelling liquid. Opened up the little access door in the front, driver's side wheel well and noticed that the pump was slowly leaking.

Called the dealer and the earliest appointment they have is 3 weeks away... didn't matter to them that my car has less than 50 miles on it and is 2 days old... awesome service!

So, rather than waste my time with them, I drained the tank to stop the leaking and will apply a thin coating of silicone sealant around the bottom seam of the pump, which is where it seemed to be leaking from. Will then fill up with a small amount of fluid to test. Quite annoyed :|
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I'm having a problem with my Renegade washer fluid not working. I haven't used it since I bought it in November until now when we got some bad weather.. I tried to use it and it wouldn't work. I checked the reservoir it was empty. I filled it and it worked fine. I left it sit over night in the driveway and it wouldn't work again as if it was empty on the way to work this morning. No sensor I guess to let you know its low or empty? I'm going to check the reservoir again after work. I'm assuming there is a leak somewhere. Hopefully the dealer doesn't give me a hard time.
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