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"We can reserve you a Renegade the way you want for $500"

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Got a call from a dealer today who stated that I can "request" a "custom order Renegade" as long as I pick two vehicle color options and let them take a credit card deposit of $500. :eek: So this is how it works. I would get first chance to purchase the Renegade with all my "custom options" if they get one for allocation.
[dealer] "We don't know when we will get them and you have to pick two color options to make the request" [me] so if you are "custom requesting" a new vehicle, why do I have to give you a second car color? [dealer] "well if we get one in the second color you would have first chance to purchase it"
LMAO !!!!!!!!:laugh: Ah, no thanks, I'll wait till the 2016s come out at this rate.
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It's pretty crazy that they haven't hit the masses yet being so "late" in the year. 2016's will be out late summer I'd imagine.
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