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Weather Strip fix over and over n over more the 5 times

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Well I m new to this site but been having issues with my weather strips falling apart in December 2020 couldn’t get it fix due I had injury foot with a hard cast boot limit my standing n walking basically a couch potato.. bought 2019 Jeep renegade brand new with no problem until the end year of 2020 going into 2021 when I got it fix the the weatherstrip was crack n water leak n wind noise n the windows going over the trim. They keep on telling me that it’s is fix due to the incorrect way they put the new part on with loose and gap in the trim n the windows are twisted up into the trim the slow rolling up into the trim.. I been battling this issue from feb21 until now.. when a service department refuse to fix the mistake they did n told me to take my car back where I got it from.. I m left speechless n upset that I work hard n going through a pandemic with this car n no help n no solution to get it fix the right way. Keep on giving it back with the loose n gap up n pop up panels and the misalign trim… just want to know how is I’m the blame for pushing a button to let my windows down n up??? The fca is a joke n jeep care is crap… they claim to care so much until u tell them that they are not going by there contract… but they also going by the first date I got it fix.. that 2 year n that going to be feb23 n they say I will have pay out of pocket for something that can’t
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even fix right.. was told that a machine put this part on.. not a hand on person but a machine… I just have to keep driving my hot car call red babe.. Chevy Aveo10… this will be last time owning anything that is made from Chrysler that associate it with Jeep…
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Had this happen on my 2015 several times before I figured it out.
Adjust the window stops.
The windows are moving to far up the frame and are stretching the seals to the breaking point.
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What was the name of the dealership that fix ur problem so I can tell my dealership to call them up to explain how to fix the problem because I just got my car out the shop n they made 200 time worst then the other dealership fixing it…
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