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What other vehicles did you (actually) consider?

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I was just curious what other vehicles people considered when they bought the Renegade, or while they are still in the process of deciding. There are a lot of "vs." threads and discussions, here and elsewhere, but do Renegade shoppers also consider cars like the Soul and HRV that keep getting compared with the Renegade? Was it a choice between the Renegade and something larger? Or did some of you not even go shopping for other cars?

For me, hearing about the Renegade last year is what set me shopping for a car in the first place. While I was waiting for them to show up on dealer lots, I started considering these:

Ford Escape--Probably would not have been interested in it, but the end of 2014 models were so temptingly priced.
Jeep Cherokee--liked everything about it except the exterior appearance.
Subaru Forester--liked it a lot on paper but just couldn't get enthusiastic about driving it.
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Here are the top three vehicles I thought about buying and why I ultimately removed them from consideration.

1. 2017 Subaru Crosstrek - This was the most serious contender, and I had all but decided to purchase one. In the end, I wasn't thrilled about having AWD rather than 4WD. Didn't have the ground clearance I wanted either. And for whatever reason, I started thinking that the body style resembled a "mom car." No thanks.

2. 2017 Mazda CX-5 - I'm seriously impressed with the handling and features of the Mazda line-up. Once again, my preference for 4WD over AWD won out. That, and the CX-5 would have gotten fairly pricey with all the features I wanted.

3. 2017 Toyota RAV4 - I come from a Toyota family, and somehow I feel like I've committed an act of treason by buying a Jeep. I love the quality of Toyota, but if I want a vehicle that can seamlessly transition from city to rough mountain terrain I need to stick with a company that specializes in 4WD capability.
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