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What's drawing you in?

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What about the Renegade is peaking your interest? Anything you have heard or read about it disappointing?

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What first caught my eye was just the body design. I like it much more than some of Jeep's recent offerings. The back end is not great, but I will see that the least. ;)

I am somewhat disappointed that there is no manual transmission planned for the 2.4l Tigershark. All of my previous Jeeps were/are manual.
Late thought:

What I am really unhappy about is the passenger-side fuel door. That is a major PIA, in my opinion.
The fuel economy while potentially being as capable or more capable than my Patriot off road has be interested.

The fuel door doesn't make sense because usually the fuel door is on the drivers side. In America it is the left and in Italy it is the left. I don't know why they did this. Maybe to avoid something when they were running the fuel filler.
I like the looks inside and out, but seeing one face to face so to speak and getting the actual Jeep specs will make it or break it for me.

I like the Renegade's looks on paper, but really can't say much till I get behind the wheel. Wonder if they'll make an appearance at any of the U.S. auto shows this year?
I would have thought they would have had it at the Chicago auto show but they rolled it out a couple weeks late, don't know when the Detroit show is, might see it there.
I'm planning to go to the Denver Auto Show in April and Jeep is one of the vendors so, I'm crossing my fingers.

I have a Cherokee Trailhawk, so the draw with the Renegade is the TH model...I came from a Honda Element and the Renegade reminds of everything the Element could have been, if it were a Jeep...if both the Cherokee and Renegade had both debuted this year, not sure which I would have chosen...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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