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What's the trick to locking front my sky panel?

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Power my sky. When I put the panels in last night I had a lot of trouble doing so. First time putting them back in. Came out this morning and saw that the front panel wasn't fully closed. I pressed the close button and it will close most of the way but it won't sit flush to the roof and lock into place. What is the trick?

I took it to the dealer today and left it. They called a few hours later saying they had no trouble closing it. Said they did so multiple times. When I picked it up, sure enough the roof was closed tight. I open it back up and try closing it and the thing does the exact same thing it did this morning. Dealer was closed by that time so I couldn't ask the service guy how they did it. HELP!!

There is next to no information of the Internet about these things because they are so new.
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Update. I figured out how to close it. Didn't know open button was dual purpose. Was using the tilt button to close it. So that's solved. Last thing about this. When the panel gets into the closed position, I cannot lock it into place. The handle will click when I push it up but it will not lock to where you need the bed key to reopen it.
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