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When directional is selected, the fog lights come on?

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New to the forum. Just picked my Renegade yesterday and when driving last night I noticed when I turn or use the directional, the fog light will come on. Is this normal? Thanks
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It is normal. One fog light comes on in the direction you're turning (once you turn the wheel) if you are travelling less than 20 mph. It also comes on when the turn signal lever is switched on (and you're going less than 20 mph). If the fog lights are already on, then they just stay on.

The purpose is to provide a little more light on a dark road (or trail).

In your owners manual it talks about this
"Cornering lights: activate/deactivate the cornering lights (If Equipped)"
and this can be done in the multi-functional display under the "lights" section

pgs 5 and 11 in digital copy of owners manual

hope this helps:)
Great information, I appreciate it!

If you don't like it there is a setting in your Uconnect radio that you can turn it off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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