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Which Happens First?

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Just a quick question, with the Renegade being of distinct blood its going to attract a unique crowd should we say. So my question is which do you think we see happen to Renegade first, Jacked to the sky, slammed to the ground or donked..

or maybe we get lucky and some jaggoff stances it HELLA FLUSH YO ;)
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probably raised. i can see some guys giving it a slight lift and some more aggressive off road tires
I hope lifted, but if the suspension of the Renegade is based on Cherokee tech, then it might not be possible. :-(

So unfortunately I'm going to have to vote slammed.
I'd say lifted. All the Jeep related forums out there seem to have at least one active thread on lifting them, even read about a KK Liberty on straight axles riding 42's. The pictures I've seen of the suspension make it look like it would take a mild lift pretty easy. But as the world turns you'll most likely see all 3 above done to it. I definently like the JKU at the top!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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