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  • Sport

    Votes: 6 8.3%
  • Latitude

    Votes: 22 30.6%
  • Trailhawk

    Votes: 29 40.3%
  • Limited

    Votes: 15 20.8%
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My question is strictly what are the DIFFERENCES between the Limited and the TrailHawk? I'm looking at the TrailHawk with pretty much all the features, and my dealer that is trying to work with me can easily get the Limited fully stocked out... so on just the blank canvases, what are the differences?

I want to make a very informed decision before I get either vehicle... I do go off roading in mud, water, sand... not much on rock, but having the feature isn't necessarily bad. Interior button differences would be nice to know to.

Limited has access to all the collision avoidance tech, but it does not come as standard, trailhawk can't get all of it, just the cross path detection and blind spot monitoring.

Trailhawk has .87" of lift, skid plates, additional 4x4 modes, a different final drive ratio, different front and rear bumpers with tow hooks (in the US at least it has hooks), a cloth interior not available with other models (also a TH specific leather interior), and a full size spare as standard equipment. Limited does not although theoretically the spare should be an option you can get with the limited if you want.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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