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Why the Renegade will be Successful

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Agree, disagree. Enjoy the show...

City Perfection

Target consumers are urban based, and likely leave their urban enviros fairly infrequently. Its sized right and certainly seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of function.

Wizard Gizmos

iPhone fuelled generation hails technology supreme, it is their definition. Uconnect, some 70 technological safety features, decoupling divelines, 9 speeds with myriad shift maps and selectable terrain settings should keep their ADD in check for a good bit. Segment leading features wont hurt either

It Dresses Well

Almost campy in appearance fits all too well with the majority of the target demographic. The uniqueness will be one of the greatest draw to the new generation of meat Jeep is trying to on board here.

Its Frugal

Economical and prudent the Renegade should be, without a base price yet perhaps the superlatives are superfluous at this point. Can Jeep undercut Compass and Patriot with the Renegade? $16K could be so chicken dinner for Jeep.

Jeep, period.

Its a Jeep so, yea...
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Completely agree. I don't fit into the age or the usage demo, but I'm probably a minority.
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I think that another aspect of the Renegade that will make it successful is its off-road capability even though it is aimed at city dwellers. Many people want vehicles in this segment to be styled as though they are off-road vehicles, and the Renegade adds to that by actually having capability too. Whether buyers actually use those capabilities or not is another question, but the fact that the Renegade has them will make people want it simply to have a vehicle that looks and feels more rugged than the competition.

Something like the Kia Soul doesn't have that same look and capability. Jeep should be able to make some market share because of this.
If they price it correctly they'll destroy the opposition, I just hope they don't get too greedy with it (plus makes it easier for us to buy!).

Oddly, there's still little to no news of it in the UK.
I think it comes down to pricing and value, it could be priced a bit more than the competition but when compared, offers more value to buyers, but of course it can't be significantly higher, which i cant see it at.
i do live in the city but i will be taking the car out to unpaved roads from time to time.
I definitely agree with your highlights, Willy. I don't fit the demographic/market either, but I am all in. It's everything I need and after seeing it in person in NY...yeah, it's better than the pictures. Some of the engine and tech elements have already been tested (in the Dart), so it seems familiar already.
demographics are for regular people

who arent regular here folks

we are special

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