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Can someone let me know if this will fit on my TH?
I know the bolt pattern works...just not sure my tires and it's offset will.

What do you think?
Checked 'em out on ebay...can pick them up shipped for $700.

Thanks for the input.
I'm pretty sure the TH rims are no different than the rims on my Latitude - size-wise anyways.

17" x 7", 5x110mm bolt pattern, +40 offset, 65.1mm bore

That being said, those rims are an inch wider with an offset of +35mm.

This means you'll have 8mm less inner clearance, and the wheel will extend 18mm more on the exterior edge.

8mm less inner clearance doesn't sound like a deal breaker, but from some of the pictures folks have posted it looks pretty tight underneath our Rene's. I doubt you'd run into trouble, but you might want to take some measurements first.

Though I'm almost certain someone has already done the measurements here on the forums, I just can't - for the life of me - find the darn forum thread at the moment.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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