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Windshield cracks and chips

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Has anyone else noticed that the windshield chips easier and or cracks? Within 4 months ive had 2 chips and 1 replacement does jeep use cheap glass? And my replacement was an factory windshield
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I've had my renegade for approx 1 year. It had a crack within days off the lot. I also noticed what looks like thousands of very tiny air bubbles when the sun hits it. It can't be wear because it was brand new. Still has less than 25k miles on it.
Must have been on the top level of the transport truck going through the desert. :unsure:
:) Not sure the sand would have been kicked up to the top level. More like the Renegade was driving through the desert... a lot...
I had visions of the desert scene from Cannon Ball Run going through my head.
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