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Latitude, Red with black roof, Black interior, 18" wheel pkg, UConnect 5.0.

Step 1: Strip off the dealer logo sticker - DONE.

Step 2: Order mats, cargo carpet, splash guards - DONE.

Step 3: Tinting front door windows - next week-ish.

Coming weeks:

A) Mull over adding the black hood decal.

B) Add D cell Mag-lite clips in driver wheel well

C) Fab up GPS and cell phone mounting brackets when I get some spare time (need to find some 12v to tap into.)

Love the hitch set-up posts here and waiting for a swing out rear tire carrier to come about. : )

ok... need the eBay/Amazon decorative kit: Mandatory Auto-bot emblem, 'Zombie Response Team' decal, US Flag decal, 'got hockey?' decal, etc.... oh, and a sweet licence plate trim bracket to replace the hideous dealer frame. blech!

- Rocket

350 Miles and enjoying the ride. Idle in Drive a bit rough, though.

- OEM Black carpeted floor mats (Dealer) rec'd and installed
- OEM Splash guards (Ebay) rec'd and installed
- OEM Black carpeted cargo mat not available. only brown (wtf?), went with OEM rubber mat - kinda cool.

- Hood decal, plain black ordered from Ebay @ $30. The OEM is $130.

Love Hypos Oscar Mikes on the C pillar. Getting back ones (Ebay).

- Rocket

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Love the hitch set-up posts here and waiting for a swing out rear tire carrier to come about.
- Rocket
Check out the hitch mounted spare tire carrier by TireGate. The specs say that it requires a tongue weight of 300 pounds. But I called them and discussed the Renegade. They said that it should work fine on a Renegade since a Renegade full size spare does not weigh much. And the great thing about that spare tire carrier is that it also has a built in receiver for a trailer hitch. You can also put your tags on it, has a light hook up for that. The only downside of it is that it will block your back up camera. I was thinking of doing that so I could put the My Sky panels under the trunk floor but they would not fit under there. At least I could not get them under there, came close though. It looks like a nice, easy set up. And when you don't want to use it you can put the TireGate in your garage and then put the spare back under the trunk floor.

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My Renegade is only a couple of weeks old, so I'm also working on the visuals.

- replacing dealer plate frame with chrome Jeep 7 slot grill frame
- changing the ugly stock tire stem caps to black/silver Jeep logo caps
- on order... Renegade side "X" decals (red) and hood "X/Renegade" decal (red)
- in channel vent shades (ordered)
- chrome 4x4 plates for side front doors
- red pinstripe behind grill, and on wheels (as another owner posted elsewhere)
- (probably) under grill amber led accent

Those are the cosmetic priorities. All simple, fun solo stuff. Greater degree of difficulty next round.

Really like some of the ideas and suggestions I've seen on here. I'll keep lurking for good ones.

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