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Hi all, long time lurker here. I've had my Reney for a little over a year now, just rolled over 17,000 miles. I figure it's time for some upgrades. I got looking around and really liked the idea of the Raingler Ceiling Nets...however the price is pretty unappealing. I have almost 1000 feet of spare paracord and figure that's plenty to make my own (after a few practice runs). I found the Raingler install directions:


When I went into my cargo area to measure, I noticed my rear embossed covers, which they drill into from step 1, have the SRS Airbag logo on them...I removed the rear seatbelt cover and was able to get a picture with my iPhone (see attached). I'm not too familiar with internal do these black tubes really house an airbag? I always have seen them being much larger...I'm sure I could stick a command strip somewhere in that area and call it good, but would really like to anchor this. Thanks in advance for the help!


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