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"Would you buy it again?"

Hell no, I would rather take public transport. And this will be my last post here on this forum for which I'm sure you'll all celebrate which I'm ok with. ;)

This was the absolutely the worst "new" car experience we've ever had. I'm going to list the pros and cons of the Renegade after ~4 years of ownership that are pretty much a consensus with my wife and I.

  • It looks neat
  • The little easter eggs are a neat party trick...for a short time
  • We liked the Mojave Sand color
  • uConnect is indeed still the best infotainment system on the market even with the small ass screen non-Nav units like what we had
Not economical at all, my 2016 Dodge Charger R/T with a 5.7L HEMI was within ~3mpg of the average of the Renegade--with my wife and her lighter foot driving the Renegade. That's right, my heavy V8 sedan almost got as good of mpg as our Renegade. When we traded the Renegade the avg mpg was 24.9 throughout the life of the vehicle and at that time my Charger was at 22.1. How does a fairly light vehicle and a 4cyl engine have such shitty fuel economy?
This is probably the biggest reason I wouldn't buy another one. I love the form factor and usefulness, but I'm getting literally 1MPG more than a 250hp AWD turbo 4 with the same curb weight and an AWD system that was active 100% of the time.

The engine is a buzzy mess because of steps taken for fuel economy.
The transmission is weird because they selected something for fuel economy.

Granted they aren't the only ones who have done this, but in other vehicles they got something for it.

Slow, and very unsafely slow I might add. I cannot count the number of times we were almost rear ended because pulling out of our neighborhood or on to a frontage road and the damn thing just wouldn't pick up any sort of speed. Felt like 0-60 in days or months rather than seconds.
It's slow, but I drive it in hyper aggressive NJ traffic. It's not unsafe unless you try to drive it like it is fast.

It is a rattle trap, though unsurprisingly so. Some of the plastic parts in the engine bay started to rattle after about ~15,000 miles. The rear driver's side door had a buzzing rattle beneath the door panel. The rear hatch door panel also had a rattle. The rear cover things below the lights rattled. There was a faint rattling sound somewhere buried in the dash. This thing after ~49,000 miles at trade in sounded like a 1980's GM car with how much rattling and such was going on.
Other than the rear hatch vibrating like a drum due to the choice ot make it verge on lugging and stalling the engine at idle (another compromise for fuel economy that doesn't seem to have paid off). Mine has been very rattle free. The interior door skins are attached really solidly better than any other car I've pulled them off of for a stereo install. It puzzles me why you see some people complain of a rattle. It should be fixable as I don't see it being inherent to the design and engineering.

Extremely uncomfortable for adult passengers over 5ft 9in in height in the front passenger seat and back seats. The footwell intrusion in to the cabin for the front passenger seat is massive couple that with very little leg room to begin with and my 6ft tall self was never comfortable. The back seats were like sitting on boards. The driver's seat was the only half comfortable spot in the vehicle.
I'm 6'7" I don't have much of a problem with the seating. But also having degenerative disks at L4 and L5, I will also say "comfortable" isn't always good for you when it comes to seating. Ergonomically sound and minimally fatiguing is what matters and that isn't always something people would describe as very comfy.

I can tell you that the passenger seat is a lot less cramped than peer vehicles or slightly larger vehicles as a LOT of them make the passenger seat narrower than the drivers seat and the pre-set height is usually at or near driver side max. The Renegade doesn't do that.

The chunk taken out of the front passenger foot wells is annoying though.

Once we had a baby in Feb of this year one of the points of having this thing (four doors for the family) was realized and we installed the rear facing car seat. Well the result of that was having to move the front passenger seat almost all the way up just to be able to get the car seat installed on the base and your hand behind the car seat to grab the release lever. And we didn't even get the largest car seat either! I quite literally couldn't even sit in the front seat, my knees wouldn't even get under the dash. My wife, who is 5ft.5in. had her knees physically resting on the glovebox door so even she couldn't even use the front passenger seat either. With this our Renegade was turned in to a 2 seater and thus regardless of everything else I've said in this post it became quite useless to us. I'm not exaggerating here either, quite literally the front passenger seat could not fit a normal sized adult with a rear facing car seat installed. Otherwise we would of paid it off and drove it until the drivetrain broke and then used the lifetime warranty to fix it and traded it in.
Did you ask here? Because you would have gotten a warning from the parents to take the seat with you shopping. I argue backwards facing baby seats sell half ot more of the midsize+ SUVs out there. They aren't designed to fit in anything and lots of them take like 3 linear feet of space which most vehicles don't have to spare unless all the adults are under 5'5".

Brake pedal had an odd behavior where if you even lifted your foot a millimeter it would start rolling forward. You had to keep firm pressure on the pedal to keep it stationary. I've never been in a vehicle with this behavior, and I used to sell cars so I've literally driven hundreds of different models from all automakers.
That is deeply weird and never heard of it other than from you.

The long skinny go pedal, also known as an acceleration pedal, was way too touchy. Don't put any pressure and you just moved along at 1mph touched it more than a couple inches and you'd break the tires loose. It was impossible to drive this thing smoothly.
Also not my experience. Nor that of people who decided they need to make the go-pedal to take the sluggish TPS mapping out of the vehicle.

The only place this thing can break tires loose is on pea gravel and wet grass in my experience. So not sure how you are managing it.

The 9spd auto never could decide what gear to be in. No really, it was like driving around with a committee in charge of deciding what gear to be in when driving around town and or passing someone on the highway. The 9spd trans also had a huge problem bump down shifting when slowing down for example at a red light. Felt like someone was kicking us in the back every time we went to stop at a red light.
While I'll hold it accountable for goint to 5+ way too quickly and resisting downshifts way too long to only downshift right when it will have to immediately upshift when it gets there and usually decides this plan is best on the wonderfully slow 4-5/5-4 shift, but I haven't found it to hunt gears, even when traveling places with actual hilly terrain.

I wonder if you need a firmware flash. Some shipped with a bum valve body too.

A funny party trick but a sad one at that. With a strong headwind or up a slight incline the cruise control could never EVER keep the speed within 1mph of the set speed. There was several occasions where the gutless engine and 9spd transmission by committee just couldn't decide how to proceed and when to drop gears to accelerate to match the cruise speed. Sometimes it was just humorous to watch the ineptitude.
I have experienced this. Off the lot the CC was horrifically bad. There was eventually a firmware flash for it. Since getting that, it holds +2/-2 to where set, which is pretty common on cars to the point I'd call it the norm.

So very expensive for so little. We had the Latitude model and it honestly felt like a stripper work truck. Other than wheels I honestly to this day don't know why we even bothered to get a Latitude, there seemingly weren't any "features" we got over a base Sport model beyond better wheels.
You'd have to be more descriptive of what you got for what you paid. It's not a terribly expensive vehicle and there have been some screaming deals on it since inception.

Last but most certainly not least. The resale value is horrendous, though unsurprisingly if I'm honest. I knew this Jeep skinned Italian Fiat 500x thing wouldn't have good resale (or any reliability). Thank god we only owed ~$1,500 on it or we would of lost our shirts when trading it in.
Resale value seems to be typical new car depreciation minus a hit if there's a big dealer incentive on new, which is also normal. FCA offers more incentives so a hit like that is more expected.

But there aren't a lot of cars out there without nightmarish depreciation in the first 3 years.

You seem top be claiming that you received less than $1500 in trade. To which I will say bull unless you trashed the vehicle.

I'm being as literal and honest as I can be here. I really am not trying to exaggerate, we really did not have a good experience with this. Funny thing, I had a brand new Jeep Compass Limited as a rental car for two months and while it really isn't much different per se half of the above issues I mentioned were solved. It was light years better to drive, a passenger could ride in the passenger seat with the car seat installed and I had no issues with the transmission by committee like we had with the Renegade. I think had this current brand new Compass generation model been brought out in 2015 as-is our experience just may have been better. Plus it looks better than the Renegade and the interior is nicer and more comfortable.
The seat might be due to interior packaging, which in a slightly stretched version of the platform can be bigger. That's not a shock. But there's a lot of stuff that sounds like you may be WAY out of date on firmware.

So if you're shopping for a Jeep Renegade buy a Jeep Compass (Trailhawk, especially) instead, it'll be a much better buy and easier vehicle to live with. Otherwise save up some more money and buy or lease a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and be much better off. :)

Hope everyone has a happy life. Cheers!

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I'm happy with the one I have. 2017 sport 4×4 6 speed. Purchased new for $21,772 total. 15k miles and so far, trouble free.
I wanted to trade up for a new one, but automatic only is an automatic no. Standard features that are not wanted, poor packages, few options and much higher prices.
I'm currently looking at other brands.

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Definitely.. have a 15 sport , I would get a upland next or a trail hawk.. or if they ever made into a mini pickup I’d be on that
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