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Xtrons PEP92RGJ Android Audio Head unit

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Has anyone replaced their audio unit from a Jeep Renegade with one of these?

Xtrons PEP92RGJ unit

I've just purchased a 2015 model and Jeep have discontinued their UConnect Live services. They can only offer a Mopar Connect unit which can offer very limited capabilities other than some remote control functionality. I would also need to pay TomTom to upgrade maps.

For me, an Android Auto compatible device that uses my mobile data and always up to date mapping services is more use to me than what Mopar can do. At the moment my audio system is stuck in time and I am unable to upgrade it unless I buy a new piece of cabling and commit to paying for annual subscriptions or I buy a more interoperable system such as this.

Would welcome any thoughts and feedback from people who have tried something else.
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Hi! Yes I do:
There were some problems but I am satisfied with Android device. Please pay attention to CAN module - it must support your car.
If you will replace your audio with Android device - please write about it - it is useful for other guys.
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The CAN bus adapter converts signals from one interface (CAN) to another(serial). The great importance is the software in the head unit, which processes CAN codes.
I have dynamic parking lines, door open signal on my head unit, but no climate control, no compass output.
I am interested in your experience with the Connects2 kit. My '17 Sport has the basic stereo and manual AC controls so I am not interested in the full Android or Maestro system. I tested once taking my stereo out and doing a proxy align. When I did I lost some of the goodies that show up in the center of the dash like the tire pressure readings as shown below.
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Let me know what you still see in the center of the dash with the Connects2 unit and what shows up on the head unit screen.
In my experience with the Seicane Android system, I only lost the compass on the dashboard. other parameters such as tire pressure, mileage, temperature - preserved.
Sadly, I don't think I'm going to end up doing that now. Pretty certain we're about to sell the Renegade, annoying many ways but particularly when I've spent about £1k on it in the last few months.
Maybe your Renegade was offended that it did not have good multimedia and decided to break down?:)
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I just did last weekend. I haven't tried the nav function yet, and I have two issues: If the heat is off, my steering wheel heater still comes on, which I dislike. And I have to look at the backup camera issue, I have the sight lines when I backup, but not video. This BU camera issue may just be looking at what I hooked up (or not) or theres a code in my booklet I need to apply in the menu to activate my camera. So far I am still working my way thru the various menus, but I like it better than the clunky interface of my 8.4 unit. It was fairly easy to install. (all the harnesses kinda make it difficult to work in a small area, but doable).
It does have Android Auto, I am going to play around with the unit tomorrow (Friday 3/31 when I am off and the weather is better. If you like I can post back here with my results of my issues and how AA works
About camera - please check power line for camera - is it connected properly?
To my mind Android Auto is not good for navigation - it resolution is worse than original Google maps on head unit.
I just installed the Xtrons PEP92RGJ in my 2016. It is way better than the factory head unit but I have ran into a few problems.
1. I can make and receive phone calls but I cannot hear the person on the other end even with the volume all of the way up.
2. When I move the balance between the speakers nothing changes the music still sounds like it is just coming out of the front ones....I have the 9 speaker Beats system and I think it has something to do with that and the factory amp but I am waiting for a reply from Xtrons.
3. With limited instructions for install I am not sure what extra needs hooked up to the antenna wire to get better reception.

Other than these things everything else works perfectly and even with my speaker problems it sounds better than factory. All of the factory stuff still works like normal.
Usually there are two ways to connect speakers - to each line through an RCA connector or through the main connector - I think the connection option must be correctly done/matched in the settings/configuration menu.
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