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HOLY **** - you're not trolling are you? **** your pants? Are you saying your airbags didn't deploy at all during an accident? I saw a Jeep rep responded to you. What was the Outcome of that? If this is exactly as state, this is law suit territory. FCA should not be allowed to sell vehicles at all if crap like this is confirmed to be happening.
I may be wrong, but when I read the original post about the "accident" I saw too many discrepancies in the chain of events for it to be true.

First off, he T-boned another car at 50 mph and the ONLY injuries was a bruise from the seat belt ? But wait, how could he have a bruise from the seat belt if his face hit the windshield ?? Did the seat belt fail ? If the seat belt in fact DID fail and his face hit the windshield (sit in a Renegade and see how hard THAT would be), at 50 mph he'd have a broken neck, broken arms, ribs, collar bone, hip, etc., not just a "seat belt bruise" and soiled pants.

If ALL safety issues failed at once and he walked away with just a bruise, he proved how SAFE the Renegade is, not how deadly.

I'm saying he made it up. If he added, "life-flighted from scene, multiple operations, pins in my arms/legs, loss of vision, out of work for 3 months", etc. his tale would have been more believable. Plus, he would be posting from his private yacht off the Caribbean coast because he would've been a millionaire courtesy of Jeep/Fiat and his tale well-known because of all the media coverage.

It didn't happen.
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